Thai Fight or Muay Thai Boxing

“Muay Thai” martial arts is a unique sport widely excepted and well known around the world. The K1, Ultimate fighting championship and Thai Fight competitions received overwhelming responses. For many years now world wide interest in Muay Thai has brought millions of tourists and foreign boxers to watch Muay Thai boxing in Thailand. Especially Bangkok has some of the best boxing arenas in the country. We can definitely say that Muay Thai fighting has benefited Thailand economically.

Foreign boxers over the years have practiced and changed the style and rules from the original Muay Thai style and taught this way of fighting (boxing) in their countries, these countries have promoted this style fighting in tournaments like K1, Ultimate fighting championship and Thai Fight , benefiting financially from them.In 2011 “Thai Fight” from Thailand is ready to show the world that ” Muay Thai” is Thai culture, a beautifully skilled art distinctive to this nation and the number one martial art in the world.

thai fight action
Former Deputy Prime minister of Thailand “Suwat” is Chairman of the board for Muay Thai world campion competition” Thai Fight” along with Nopporn Watin as Chairman of the tournament. The purpose of arranging this competition in year 2011 is to celebrate the King ‘s 84th birthday on the 5th of December 2011 and to follow the King’s idea to inspire the youth and adult alike to participate in sports on the regular basis, especially in Muay Thai boxing instead of drug abuse. It will also help to preserve Muay Thai which is beautifully skilled art and a distinct Thai cultural event for the generations to come. Organized by the Ministry of Energy. Sponsorship was given to the PTT public company LTD. It also follows with Queen Sirikit’s words that she gave to the nation of Thailand on 11th of August 2001 at Jitladarahotharn Royal Palace to be diligent to teach and train our youth to be idealistic towards Thai culture, art and country, especially Thai history. All nations of the world are proud of their country and history, so we should also be proud of our country and history.

What is “Thai Fight”?

official thai fight“Thai Fight” is a project (competition) to help build up Muay Thai boxing to International standards and level and to show the world that the Muay Thai world championship should and must be held in Thailand. This world championship competition “Thai Fight” will consist of 16 competitors from various countries around the world including Thailand. “Thai Fight” is a blend between Muay Thai and entertainment. Thai Fight is an International sport entertainment created and owned by citizen of Thailand. The Thai boxing World Competition Tournament “Thai Fight” that was held in a football stadium in Thailand this past year was so successful that it drew more than 10,000 fans cheering it on live and millions more watching it on TV broadcasts. This tournament has promoted greater interest in Muay Thai fighting both here in Thailand and around the world. The second year of “Thai Fight” will be even greater and more exciting than the first year. More than 10 countries are interested in holding the Muay Thai World Competition “Thai Fight” first round in their respected countries.

Of all the famous martial arts around the world, such as Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Judo, Muay Thai, Wrestling and boxing. Muay Thai is considerate the most beautiful and dangerous of martial arts. This makes Muay Thai very distinct to Thailand.

Foreign countries have realized the value of Thai boxing and have invested time and money into it and are now benefiting from Muay Thai boxing.

They have taken over Muay Thai and have changed style and rules that differ from the original Muay Thai style and rules. Muay Thai martial arts is from and belongs to Thailand in Thai culture. We need to see and understand its importance and value here in Thailand and develop Muay Thai in Thai style. We should all be proud for introducing the world to Muay Thai martial arts.

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